Professional Cutting Optimization Software
for Sheets and Profiles

Cutting list optimization is one of the simplest ways for a manufacturing business to save time and money. If you're not doing this already, please test out the demo version of OptiCut today.

OptiCut sorts your cutting lists into the most efficient layouts in seconds, and offers both CNC and non-CNC processing of panels and profiles.

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OptiCut has enabled us to make a 20% saving on raw materials as well as enormous savings in time and effort.

We have been very impressed with the performance of this program and the clear, precise and well-organised cutting maps and sequences.

Thank you again for this excellent tool.

Eric Machot Eric Machot
Machot Bois

Does this sound familiar?

  • Wasting time and money optimizing by hand or not at all
  • Struggling to decide how many sheets or moulding lengths you need for a new project
  • Off cuts piling up, no system for identifying and using them

The alternative...

  • Easy to set up and easy to run optimizations at your fingertips
  • OptiCut's cutting maps detail how to cut, and in what order
  • Off cuts from previous projects are automatically integrated into new projects
  • OptiCut's powerful optimization engine supports cutting lists for panels, sheets and boards

  • Ideal for optimization of any material that comes in lengths... rods, bars, mouldings, profiles and tubes

  • Suitable for any sheet or profile based industry...wood, metal, glass, foam, fabric and more

Features Overview

  • 6 optimization modes built around a powerful algorithm that takes into account the capabilities of your cutting machine
  • Choose between optimization for speed or for minimum wastage, including optional panels turnaround function
  • Handle multiple sheet sizes and materials in a single project
  • Sheet and profile cutting, edging and rough cut management, stock and off cut integration
  • Label printing and comprehensive technical and financial reporting
  • Import cutting lists from any spreadsheet and many design solutions, export cutting maps to all major CNC machines
  • Used by 1000s of businesses worldwide, available in multiple languages
cutting optimization

The perfect combination of quality, price and performance

Let's take a closer look...

Powerful multi function optimization algorithm

cut optimization

OptiCut's parametric algorithm comes with a set of 6 optimization modes so you can decide whether speed or limiting waste or a mixture of both is the priority, and whether you are cutting by hand or with CNC. Choose between:

  • Fast
  • Standard 1 and Standard 2
  • Advanced 1 and Advanced 2
  • CNC optimized

Advanced optimization settings allow you to further refine the process to fit your working practices, whether that be prioritizing reduced cutting time, off cut waste, panel turnarounds and much more.

Cutting optimization in multiple formats and materials

No need to sort your cuttings lists by panel size or material. That's all done for you automatically even within a single project.

For all materials, assess how much you hold in stock, in what panel dimensions, and will include off cuts as well.

OptiCut can even include grain direction of veneered panels in its calculations.

multi format and multi material optimization

Edging and rough cut management

edging and rough cut management

Apply edging to your materials and have OptiCut calculate and cut minus the edge thickness. Options to display with and without edging visible.

You can also use this functionality for rough cut parts which you would then refine with CNC or by hand later.

Cutting maps plus cutting sequence

OptiCut cutting maps don't just tell you where to cut, but in what sequence. This results in even greater time savings and reduced material waste.

cutting optimization software

Stock control and off cut management

stock and off cut management

Full control of your stock, including off cuts from previous projects. Both are taken into account when generating your optimum cutting plans for all future projects.

Adjust your minimum reusable off cut dimensions for your owns requirements and you're all set.

Comprehensive technical and financial reporting

Following each optimization, you'll receive your cutting maps and a summary of the materials used, off cut quantities, linear amounts and full costings.

This makes it very easy to see how much money you've saved in real terms.

opticut technical and costing data

Profile cutting optimization

profile cutting optimization

Profile optimization for virtually any material that comes in fixed lengths, so ideal for mouldings, metal rods, battens, bars, beams, strips, tubes and dowels.

As with panel optimization, you can print off your cutting lists and labels, and receive the same reports detailing the technical output and costs.

Panel turnaround function

You have the option to include vertical and horizontal cutting within your cutting sequence.

The cutting process is longer but the waste is less. Useful for expensive panels where where panel cost savings outweigh the extra time cutting.

optimization cutting software

Fast and easy label printing

opticut label printing

A great way to speed up your workflow and avoid costly errors.

Stick your dimensioned and referenced labels to each and every panel or profile, and you're good to go.

Simple cutting list import, post processor and CNC integration

Import your cutting list from any spreadsheet, and directly from our Polyboard software and other major design solutions like Obnie, TopWood and Kitchen Draw.

OptiCut uses an integrated post processor to write cutting maps directly to all major CNC languages.

post processor and cnc integration

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